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CCF Summer Camp

September 15th, 2015

From raft races to survival skills, shooting, military skills and first aid, this year’s CCF summer camp in the summer holidays was an action-packed week of activity, as the sun shone down at Crowborough Training Camp in Sussex.

HMSG Cadets approached every activity with gusto and enthusiasm culminating in a hard-fought inter-school competition.  The Monmouth CCF Contingent should be incredibly proud of their efforts, not only throughout the week but, in addition, with their prize-winning achievements – gold and two silver medals for Monmouth CCF, with HMSG students show-casing their talents as core members of the winning teams.

“The girls were an asset – both as individuals and as representatives of HMSG.  They did not flinch, show fear or refuse to carry out anything that was asked of them.  I am extremely proud of them and I am sure the experience will give them confidence and resilience in every aspect of life – well done girls!”

Lt J Johnson


“Brilliant week, brilliant company, thanks for everything!”

Cadet Natasha, Year 12


“Fantastic way to start the summer.  Loved all the activities.  Wish we could have stayed a few more days!”

Cadet Skye, Year 12

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