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Carys and Eleanor win coveted prizes in Eisteddfod

March 5th, 2020
Carys won the Blue Riband music prize.

Two talented Sixth Form students won coveted prizes for music and poetry in Monmouth School for Girls’ fiercely contested annual Eisteddfod.

Eighteen-year-old soprano, Carys, dazzled with Handel’s Un Cenno Leggiadretto as she won the Blue Riband music prize for the first time.

And 18-year-old creative writer, Eleanor, was crowned the Bard, also for the first time, with her proud mum Anthea in the audience – for her outstanding poem.

Mrs Zoe Harvey, Head of English and Drama Faculty, explained: “The writing task was to write a poem on the theme of‘ hope.

“Eleanor’s poem stood out as it deftly captured the sense that hope can seem fragile and fleeting but in actual fact it is persistent and hardy.

“Eleanor confidently used pace, rhythm and subtle imagery to communicate her idea that hope is a resilient emotion.”

The Eisteddfod, which took place on Thursday 5th March, is always a highlight in the school calendar at Monmouth School for Girls.

The pupils compete against each other in their houses for a full day of activities across the many subject areas with a special focus on Welsh culture.

Imbert Terry won this year’s Eisteddfod House Cup, pipping Prosser by just one point, while Mather Jackson finished third and Bagnall Oakeley, fourth.

In the House Choirs’ battle, Imbert Terry won first prize, with Bagnall Oakeley, second, Prosser, third, and Mather Jackson, fourth.

In the senior dance competition, Years 9-13, Mather Jackson took first prize.

Imbert Terry finished second, Prosser, third and Bagnall Oakeley, fourth.

And in the Years 7-8 dance competition, Mather Jackson won first prize, with Prosser, second, Imbert Terry, third, and Bagnall Oakeley, fourth.

Final House results: 1 Imbert Terry 88 pts, 2 Prosser 87, 3 Mather Jackson 77, 4 Bagnall Oakeley 69.

Main prizes: Bard: Eleanor (Mather Jackson); Blue Riband: Carys (Prosser); St David’s Cup (endeavour): Bagnall Oakeley; English: Mather Jackson; Dancing: Mather Jackson;

Drama: Mather Jackson; Music: Imbert Terry; Friends’ Cup (morning competitions): Prosser; Choir: Imbert Terry.

Eleanor was crowned the Bard with her proud mum Anthea in the audience.

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