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Budding scientist builds interactive model

November 26th, 2019

A 12-year-old scientist has built an interactive model cell as part of her biology studies.

Hallie, a Year 7 pupil at Monmouth School for Girls, created the cell exhibit outside the classroom to help with her own studies.

“It took me quite a while to put the model together,” said Hallie, who is hoping to be a vet or a marine biologist.

“The exhibit has made me to realise how much we use our sight and touch to help us learn.”

“Hallie’s model cell is like an interactive museum exhibit,” said Miss Linda Woodburn, Head of Science at Monmouth School for Girls.

“People can pop a hand into one of a holes of the exhibit to try to identify a cell or structure represented by what’s inside.

“Hallie has developed a spectacular and very interactive project and we are proud of her achievement.”

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