Forces Bursaries

Testimonial from Forces parent

“We decided early on that our children were suffering as a result of moving to different schools each time my husband was posted.

I was excited about choosing a private school for them but very quickly realised very few met our requirements. We have boys and a daughter and felt strongly that we wanted them schooled at single sex schools but able to see each other easily after school and at weekends – very few brother and sister schools exist.

We obviously did not know where we would be living over the 12 years that their schooling would take, so the school had to be easily accessible from all directions as well as by rail and air. It is perfectly placed for this on major routes as well as offering escorted coach transfers to rail and airports. We made use of this when posted to North London and Aldergrove.

Our next big concern was that because we didn’t know where we would be the children may well have to be full boarders, not weekly, therefore we wanted somewhere that had a good percentage of full boarders to enable them to offer a full and varied activity program at weekends. This has been a godsend, with many of their day pupil friends being envious of all that is on offer.

All three of our children are very different in both interests and aspirations, they have all excelled in very different areas and have all been very happy at the schools. They all refer to Monmouth as their home when asked where they come from – a question many forces children struggle to answer!

During the 12 years that Monmouth has taken care of our children we have experienced some pretty traumatic events as a family, we have lost very dear friends in conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their father has been repeatedly been despatched to these areas. The school as a whole, and especially the housemasters and mistresses, have been a great support to both myself and the children. Having other Forces children there in the same situation has also helped them enormously, stopping them feeling like the odd ones out. One example was after a helicopter crash in Iraq, my son’s housemaster allowed him to see the news but ensured the staff were with him and available to him to talk about it and the loss of a close friend, a great comfort when I could not be there.

We have talked to many other military families over the years, and we always feel very smug that we chose Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools for our children. The military deal on fees is far and away the best we have come across. The opportunities that the children have all had are amazing, trips to Tanzania, Madagascar and Borneo for example. We are very proud of what all three children have achieved.

We have always felt comfortable and integrated within the schools, which we did not in the “Home Counties” schools we visited. I am dreading our final speech day this year, as it will bring to an end our time at Monmouth which I know we will all miss.

Thank you all so much!” 

Jayne Hunter, parent of two boys and a girl at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools