11+ Entry

Admission to our schools is based on a child’s potential, and not just on a single test performance. As part of the entrance process, we meet with all prospective pupils before the assessments and we also take into account the recommendations from their previous school.

On the day itself, we try to make the experience as stress-free as possible. It may be the first time your child has sat a test of this kind, so allowances are made for the anxiety that some children may experience. We meet each individual on arrival and look after them throughout their visit to help settle their nerves and ensure they feel comfortable and confident.
We endeavour to give our prospective pupils every chance to shine. We are happy to guide each family through the entrance procedure. For more information on our entry processes please contact our Admissions Registrars.

Although our assessments for sport, music, dance and academic scholarships have now taken place for 2021 entry, we are still very much welcoming all other applications for Year 7.

We are happy to guide each family through the entrance procedure. For more information on our Open Days and 11+ entry assessments please contact our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Karen Stafford-Smith on 01600 711104, email or register your interest online:

Register Interest

To see how we process and store admissions data please refer to the full privacy notice.


Online assessment

All applicants will sit an online assessment at Monmouth School for Girls under the care of the admissions teams.

This will test aptitude in Maths and English as well as cognitive abilities. The tests are adaptive, interactive and age-standardised, meaning no child is at a disadvantage. There is no required curriculum coverage before sitting the assessments and they cannot be revised for or tutored towards. The assessments will take place in comfortable surroundings and our aim is to reduce any anxiety throughout this process.

Social distance requirements will be maintained and monitored.

Past papers or practice tests are unavailable.


Face-to-face conversations will be conducted by members of the senior school staff and will take place on the same day as the online assessment. Social distance requirements will be maintained and monitored.

The interview gives an opportunity for the candidate to talk about their interests and passions. We would, where possible, encourage candidates to practice talking at home about their hobbies and current affairs, so that they can talk as freely as possible during the interviews.

Candidates are asked to bring along with them:
• Year 6 English exercise book to show a piece of written work to the interviewer.
• An inanimate object of interest. This could be something that interests them such as a hobby, a sport, perhaps a special present, a picture of a pet, something that they have collected or found, something they have made or perhaps a book that they have enjoyed reading.