Ethics and Philosophy

Testimonial from Past Pupil who studied RE

Religious Studies - LibertyStudying RS at A level has been one of the most useful subjects as it taught me so many skills that I now find myself using every day at University.

Even though I study Business Management at Cardiff University, the skills I was taught in my RS class at A level have been some of the most transferable skills, for example, essay writing at a degree level is considerably different compared to A level however, my RS teachers introduced me to this style of writing which has helped me immensely in the step up to university level. I find myself also learning many concepts of RS throughout my degree; for example, ethics in business, utilitarianism theory in human resource management, and morality when learning about corporate social responsibility.

Having this knowledge has been invaluable and I have applied theories learnt in RS throughout all aspects of my degree. The synoptic work I carried out in Year 13 was certainly the most useful part of my A level studies as it was the most similar thing to a University level assignment that I did throughout my whole time as school, this preparation, although I didn’t know it at the time, was invaluable. The topics we studied were looked at in such depth and it really enabled me to grasp the concept of in- depth learning rather than a superficial understanding of theories and ideas which is now also essential at university level.

RS has been one of the most useful subjects I have studied during my time at school and the skills I learnt are instrumental in my studies at University.

Liberty, past pupil who studied Religious Studies at A level