Girls learn value of making the right choices at Speech Day

June 26, 2015

SD 2015 Inglefield-7976Girls learnt about the importance of making the right decisions in life during the end of year Speech Day at Inglefield House.

The theme of the annual event focused on how each girl can control, to a certain extent, the luck that she might have in future life because of the choices she makes.

Pupils were told there is always a choice to try really hard and to practise something until you are an expert at it.

They were also encouraged never to let things defeat them, but to pick themselves up and double their efforts in the face of adversity.

Girls listened to an inspirational speech by Julie Robinson, General Secretary of The Independent Schools Council, and received prizes in recognition of their achievements, progress and effort.

There was a new prize given for contribution to music in memory of David Inglefield, son of the School’s founder, Sir Gilbert Inglefield, who was Lord Mayor of London and a Haberdasher.

As the School celebrates its 25th anniversary, Headmistress Hilary Phillips peppered her speech with names of characters from the Harry Potter series.

She thanked the girls in Year 6 for their contributions to school life and wished them well as they move smoothly up to HMSG.

Music was played by Inglefield’s strings group and the whole school sang a song from their recently-performed musical, Shakespeare Rocks.

The prize-giving was brought to a conclusion with the School Prayer.