Geographers support campaign to tackle damaging river pollution

November 28, 2022

Friends of the Lower Wye’s Mike Dunsbee with keen geographers at Monmouth School for Girls

Thirty keen Geographers at Monmouth School for Girls listened to an informative talk that highlighted a four-pronged campaign to reduce pollution levels in the River Wye.
Mike Dunsbee, from Friends of the Lower Wye, discussed the environmental issues facing the river, with Monmouth School for Girls’ Geographical Society.
Mr Dunsbee explained how the 150-mile-long river, flowing between Wales and England, faces a crisis, due to pollution, and has seen a decline in fish, insects and birds over the past 20 years.
The problems, he said, could be traced back to the loss of the Water Crowfoot plant that grows in the river and is essential to the river ecosystem.
The Friends of the Lower Wye is now testing river quality at 300 test sites and informing Natural Resources Wales and the Environment Agency of pollution hotspots.
Pupils heard about the group’s current campaign which has four key aims that include developing a cross-border taskforce and the creation of a single-river commission for the Wye.
Mr Nick Meek, Head of Geography at Monmouth School for Girls, was delighted with the event and interest from pupils about this important topic.