Game Maker Week!

December 1, 2014

Game Maker WeekThe boys are eagerly awaiting the announcement as to who has won ‘The Grange Game Maker of the Year, 2014’ competition. All week the boys across the school have been playing on computer games created by Prep IV boys who attend programming club and then voting for their favourite. The boys were impressed with how good the games were, with Theo (PIV) commenting, ‘They’re awesome – like proper games that you’d buy!’ Well done to the ‘gamemakers’ who have put so much work into their games, both creatively and in ensuring that all of the programming is working. Hours have been spent writing scripts and testing and debugging to ensure that the games run smoothly.

The result will be shared in next week’s news. It is a great introduction for the younger boys to coding and comes at the perfect time as next week is the international ‘Hour of Code Week’.

To try activities at home, use this link: