Form I Invade Local Castles!

June 8, 2016

Form I History Trip

The First Form visited the Monnow Valley on Monday to consolidate their work on border warfare in the Welsh Marches, on the Crusades, on castle design and on the travails of the medieval kings faced with rebellious barons and foreign invasion. They visited, at Ewyas Harold, one of the earliest motte and bailey castles in Britain built by Harold Godwinsson; the de Lacey stronghold at Longtown; Skenfrith Castle from where the young Henry V fought against Glyn Dwr’s forces and finally the impregnable White Castle. A medieval long-bowman demonstrated the use of this powerful weapon and helped explain what was involved in the gruesome border warfare that this area endured.

The boys returned much better-informed of the value of peace-enhancing organisations such as the EU that ensure that our modern borderlands in Eastern Europe are beginning to enjoy the security and prosperity of this now-beautiful and tranquil corner of the Welsh-English countryside.