Excellent GCSE results at Monmouth School for Boys

August 22, 2019

Pupils at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools achieved excellent results in this year’s GCSE and IGCSE examinations.

The results include a mixture of letter and number gradings with a 9 considered to be a high A*, an 8 a low A*, a 7 the equivalent of an A grade and 4 the equivalent of a C grade pass.

At Monmouth School for Boys, 19.2% of all grades on the 9-1 grading system were the coveted 9, with 55.2% at 9-7 and 95.2% at 9-4.

In the traditional letter grading system, 32.8% of all grades were A*, while 62.3% were A* to A, 85.2% were A* to B, and 96.7% were A* to C.

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Four pupils at Monmouth School for Boys achieved 9-8 or A*s in all their subjects with two securing the highest possible grades.

Jonah, who lives near Raglan, achieved nine 9s and an A* and will be taking A levels in Maths, Physics and French.

“I am very relieved and delighted with my results because I thought the English and Biology exams were very tough,” said Jonah, a former Raglan Primary School pupil.

Adam, who lives near Ross-on-Wye, recorded an outstanding haul of nine 9s and an A*.

“I came into school to collect my results rather than accessing them online because I enjoy the camaraderie of being with all my friends,” said Adam, who will be studying Biology, Chemistry and English at A level.

“I didn’t know what to expect due to the new, tougher exam system, but I worked hard and I achieved better than I had expected.”

Edward, a keen rower and musician who plays the cello and clarinet, achieved eight 9s, an 8 and an A.

“I didn’t check my results online and I came in to collect my results the traditional way. It was nice to get the envelope in my hands,” said Edward, who will be studying French, German, Maths and Further Maths at A level.

“My results are what I had hoped for, so I am delighted.”

Sean who secured seven 9s, an A* and two 8s and Tom, from Itton near Chepstow, with six 9s, an 8 and an A*, also excelled.

Tom said: “I am especially happy with my 9 in Maths because it was a very tough exam. I am pleased overall because I am interested in a career in finance and I will be taking A levels in Maths, History and Chemistry.”

Headmaster, Dr Andrew Daniel, said: “This is the second year that the boys have taken the new and more demanding GCSEs and the hard work among pupils and staff has paid off.

“Two boys achieved a full set of grade 9s or A*s and another seven achieved a complete set of 9–7 grades or A*- A grades.

“The vast majority of our boys are heavily involved in all aspects of school life and some of the cohort have had to overcome significant challenges this year. Staff and pupils should be pleased with this excellent set of results.”

At Monmouth School for Girls, 27.2% of all grades on the 9-1 grading system were the coveted 9, while 64.7% of grades were 9-7 and 97.1 % were 9-4.

In the letter grading, 31.9% of all grades were A*, while 66.9% were A* to A, 86.1% were A* to B, and 97.2% were A* to C.

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An impressive total of 14 pupils achieved nine or more A*/9-8 grades.

Three pupils at Monmouth School for Girls recorded the highest grade across all their subjects.

Talented musician, Anna, achieved seven 9s, three A*s and a Distinction in Additional Maths.

A talented cellist, Anna, from Monmouth, played with the National Youth Orchestra of Wales (NYAW) this summer.

“I worked quite hard and I am really thrilled,” said Anna, a former Cross Ash Primary School pupil who hopes to study at Oxbridge and is taking A levels in Maths, German and French or Economics.

Sophie and Sheida also swept the board in their exams. Sophie scored 9s and three A*s, while Sheida recorded seven 9s and two A*s and both achieved a Distinction in Additional Maths.

Budding film maker and lacrosse player Maya, from Abergavenny, also excelled with six 9s, two 8s, two A*s and an A plus a Distinction in Additional Maths.

Maya played lacrosse for Wales at the Home Internationals in Cardiff earlier this year and represented the Dragons in Canada this summer.

Maya, who enjoys watching adventure movies, studied GCSE French independently and in her own time with mum, Verity, as her tutor.

Maya attended Llanvihangel Crucorney Primary School before joining Monmouth in Year 6.

She would like to work as a film maker or director and will be studying English, History and German or French at A level.

Welsh athlete, Alaw, achieved five 9s, four A*s, a 8 and a Distinction in Additional Maths.

Fourteen-year-old Xiaoli, from Mitchel Troy, who registered an A* in A level Maths, was outstanding once again, achieving 13 A*-A or 9-7 grades in her GCSEs.

She will now be taking Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths and Computer Science at A level.

Headmistress, Mrs Jessica Miles, said: “Given that many of our girls are actively involved in our extra-curricular programmes, it is pleasing to see our combined A*-A and 9-7 rating at 65.8%.

“Three pupils swept the board with the highest possible grades in their subjects and, as a cohort, almost 40% achieved nine or more A*-A/9-7 grades.

“In Additional Maths, a level in between GCSE and A level Maths, an impressive 96% of all grades were achieved with Distinction.

“This year’s results are excellent and highlight the value of hard work and dedication from our pupils and teaching staff.”