Dylan’s hedgehog advice at Climate Future Festival

September 20, 2021

A hedgehog champion will be exhibiting and featuring at the ACE Climate Future Festival in Monmouth on Sunday 26th September.

Dylan, a pupil at Monmouth School for Boys, will be raising awareness of the current situation with hedgehogs in the UK, and showing people how to make gardens more hedgehog friendly.

The Year 10 pupil will be exhibiting hedgehog houses and feeding stations, as well as other hedgehog related items such as cameras, at the event, from 10am until 4pm.

“I am really looking forward to attending the Climate Future Festival, because it’s such a great opportunity to raise awareness of the situation facing not just hedgehogs, but nature as a whole,” said Dylan.

“I am also hoping to be able to raise some money for a small, local volunteer-run hedgehog rescue that I have worked with during hedgehog rescues.”
He added: “The charity is in need of funds due to the high number of hedgehogs needing urgent care or medical assistance.

“People can choose to donate on the stall, or purchase some hedgehog-related items and souvenirs, with all proceeds going directly to the rescue centre.”

Dylan set up Hedgehog Aware in 2020 after discovering he had hedgehogs in his garden.

Since then, Dylan’s outstanding work has been featured in the BBC Wildlife magazine, Daily Telegraph, and on ITV Wales news.