Cricketers repeating benefits of extensive winter coaching

December 18, 2021

Cricketers across Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools will be heading into 2022 with valuable work under their belts.
Pupils at Monmouth School for Boys, Monmouth School for Girls and Monmouth Prep School have been reaping the benefits of outstanding winter coaching.
Monmouth School for Boys has just been listed for a third successive year in The Cricketer Schools Guide 2022, which includes the top 100 senior schools for cricket in the UK.
Glamorgan Director of Cricket, Mark Wallace; Glamorgan’s Assistant coach and bowling coach, David Harrison; and the Gloucestershire spinner, Tom Smith, have visited the schools to deliver top-class coaching sessions.
School coaches Mr Callum Bassett-Jones, Mr James Boiling, Mr Andy Jones and Old Monmothian, Steve James, the former England and Glamorgan batsman, have run the majority of sessions.
“Our sessions have taken place before school, at lunchtimes, and after school,” said Mr Bassett-Jones, Master in Charge of Cricket at Monmouth School for Boys.
“Children and staff across our schools are now looking forward to additional cricket on their return in January when age-group sessions after school will run alongside skills sessions.”