CCF Summer Camp Penally 2014

August 15, 2014

Our favourite experiences on camp were the field exercise and the adventure training activities. Being on exercise exposed us to what it would be like if we were out in the field in real life; carrying out an ambush, following a section commander and listening to instructions. Watermanship also taught us about leadership and what it takes to work as a team. The rock climbing was really challenging and the kayaking involved a leap of faith and took us out of our comfort zone. Conquering our personal fears felt like a huge achievement. Many skills were enhanced through the orienteering exercise, including using six figure grid references, a compass, protractor, and contour lines. We then tested this practically by going out in the field and completing an advanced map reading course. It was very exciting, requiring the use of our sense of direction and a lot of teamwork. We also really enjoyed the evening activities especially the archery, air rifle shooting and drill. Spending time with the boys, as well as the girls from Godolphin School, was definitely a highlight as it allowed us to make new friends and grow closer as a group. Special congratulations go to Georgiana on being awarded ‘Top Female Cadet’ and to Katie for her First-Class Shooting Award. Lt Dummett also received a certificate as top CFAV shot on camp. Looking back there isn’t one specific experience that has helped us to grow as cadets, but the camp in general has. We enjoyed ourselves a great deal and our week in Penally is one which we will never forget.

By Holly and Georgiana
Penally Paratroopers

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