Term Dates

Monmouth School Boys' Prep Term Dates 2018-2019

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Monmouth School Boys’ Prep Term Dates 2018-2019 (PDF – 305Kb)

Michaelmas term 2018
Term Begins Monday 3 September Teaching Staff INSET
   Tuesday 4 September Teaching Staff INSET
Arrival of all Boys’ Prep boarders
   Wednesday 5 September  Teaching Staff INSET
   Thursday 6 September  School resumes 8:30am
 Exeat  Friday 21 September  Exeat begins 4:00pm
   Sunday 23 September  Boarders return from 7:00pm
 Half Term  Friday 12 October  Half Term begins 4:00pm
  Sunday 28 October Boarders return from 5:00pm
  Monday 29 October School resumes 8.:30am
 Exeat  Friday 23 November  Exeat begins 4:00pm
   Sunday 25 November  Boarders return from 7:00pm
 Term ends  Wednesday 12 December  Term ends 12:00noon
Lent term 2019
Term Begins Wednesday 2 January Joint Teaching Staff INSET
Boarders return from 5:00pm
  Thursday 3 January School resumes 8:30am
Exeat Friday 25 January Exeat begins 4:00pm
  Sunday 27 January Boarders return from 7:00pm
Half Term Friday 15 February Half Term begins 4:00pm
  Sunday 24 February Boarders return from 5:00pm
  Monday 25 February School resumes 8:30am
Term ends Friday 29 March Term ends 3.45pm (Good Friday 19 April)
Summer term 2019
Term begins Monday 22 April Boarders return from 5:00pm
  Tuesday 23 April School resumes 8:30am
Leave-Out Saturday 4 May Leave-out begins 12:30pm
  Monday 6 May Boarders return from 7:00pm
  (May Day Bank Holiday)  
Half Term Friday 24 May Half Term begins 4:00pm
  Sunday 2 June Boarders return from 7:00pm
  Monday 3 June School resumes 8:30am
Term ends Saturday 6 July Prize-Giving (term end tbc)

(All dates subject to change)