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Top marks for science at Monmouth school

November 2nd, 2017

Children at a Monmouth school look set to learn from scientists at the cutting edge of industry after it gained a national seal of approval.

Monmouth School Boys’ Prep has been awarded Associate School status by The Royal Society.

It is the only primary school in Wales to be part of The Royal Society, a Fellowship of the world’s most eminent scientists and the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.

”The pupils at Monmouth Boys Prep are impressive scientists and receiving The Royal Society Associate School status means I can take the teaching of science to another level,” said Dr Wall, Monmouth School Boys’ Prep’s Science and Technology teacher and Co-ordinator.

“It will be great to have the opportunity to call on Fellows of The Royal Society to come in and talk to the boys about their research or specific areas of science.

“We can now collaborate with other schools in the network to share best practice and have access to scientists from the cutting edge of industry and academia.”

The Associate Schools and Colleges scheme is a UK network of enthusiastic teachers and staff which aims to raise the profile of biology, chemistry, computing, mathematics and physics at all levels of primary and secondary education.

Head Boy Toby enjoys the hands-on experience of learning science at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep.

“Everything we learn in science is made as practical for us as possible,” said 10-year-old Toby.

“We have been learning about the five kingdom system as a way to classify organisms.

“When we were taught about space, we had a trip to The Spaceguard Centre in Mid Wales and that was a fantastic experience and we learned a lot from it.”

In the school’s successful application to The Royal Society, Dr Wall explained about the boys’ science club and the hugely popular annual science fair.

“To get national recognition for what we are doing raises the status of science at the school even further,” said a delighted Dr Wall.

“We have excellent facilities at the school with the school fields providing space to study the natural world around us and the pond at the school, for instance, allows us to see newts develop from having gills to having lungs first hand.”

Budding ornithologist Ben, 10, joined Monmouth School Boys’ Prep in September from Shrewsbury House School in Surrey.

He said: “I am really enjoying the school and science is my favourite lesson because of the practical way that Dr Wall teaches it.

“My favourite part of science is biology and that’s what we are studying at the moment.

“I would like to be an ornithologist when I am older because I am very interested in birds and everything about them.”

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