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Science in Action throughout MBP

October 7th, 2017

In the Michaelmas term all of the boys study Biology in Science and at MBP this means getting out
and looking at the beautiful biology all around us on the school grounds or bringing it in from the
outdoors to the lab.

PI are studying plants and have been out finding and identifying leaves then
studying them under the microscope as they learn how leaves make food for the plant.

PII have been looking at food chains and webs and considering how the living things in the school pond form a food web.

PIII have been looking at reptile and amphibian life cycles this week and managed to find both in the school grounds in the form of a slow worm and newts in the school pond. They will be monitoring the newts as they go from having gills to developing lungs. PIII were also lucky to have a talk on bearded dragons from Joseph in IIIW, who brought along Amber his pet dragon.

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