Michaelmas 2020 Week 3: 25/9/2020

A note from the Head of Monmouth School Boys’ Prep

We are aware that the challenges of queuing in traffic around Monmouth are currently at epic levels, in no small part due to the changes to the one way system in town, COVID measures on the High Street and the impact of all the schools in Monmouth having new pick-up and drop-off arrangements, again due to COVID. I am proud to have been able to offer an early drop-off at The Grange and many parents are taking the opportunity of using this facility in order to get ahead of the traffic in the mornings. As a family of schools, we also understand that we are key players in adding to the congestion in Monmouth and we have some responsibility to the community and to the environment which we take seriously. I have been made aware of significant increases in levels of pollution caused by engines running whilst in standing traffic. We are asking our parents, our bus drivers and our staff to help support the Monmouthshire anti-idling campaign and we ask for your support in this matter and the boys will have the opportunity to enter the competition as a homework activity. Please watch a video introducing the campaign here:

Download the Week 3 Newsletter Here (PDF 1MB)