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Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Week 9: 19/6/2020

A Note from the Head of Monmouth School Boys’ Prep

What a week of rain! The weather has been extraordinary almost since the first day of June. Apparently, it is not unusual after a hot and dry spring. It has certainly been good for the gardens and there has been a rush of green growth. We have been enjoying the garden recently and planting out many new seeds and watching the vegetables grow. Many thanks to Oliver M’s mum who has been running a virtual gardening club for some boys in Year 4. This has been so successful that we have, on occasions, been making trips to The Grange and have started planting out in the vegetable garden. The pumpkins are in and hopefully we will have something to show for it all in September. As much as the plants needs the rain, we are hoping for some more sunshine to lift our spirits and let the children back into the great outdoors, to help soothe the lock-down stresses and anxieties away. I wish you a happy weekend and hope you all get outdoors at some point.

Download the Week 9 newsletter here (PDF 1MB)