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Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Week 1: 24/4/20

A Note from the Head of Monmouth School Boys’ Prep

What a week it has been! When I started teaching in the year 2000 (I’m not really that old) there was a blackboard in my classroom, yes an actual blackboard, with chalk. We didn’t even have whiteboards with coloured marker pens let alone interactive-white boards, apple TVs or smart devices. From that point to this there has been a rapid march forward in technology over the years, but none more so than in the last four weeks. I genuinely would never have thought it possible that we could move our entire curriculum online and schedule all meetings “virtually” and manage all of our school files in the cloud. We have all been challenged recently, whatever profession we work in but I am proud of the hard work and dedication of the staff team, the amazing things we have all learned in a very short time as well as the flexibility of the boys and the unwavering support of the parents this week as we all got to grips with Seesaw and a whole new way of learning. If my first term of teaching was in September 2020, then I realised I have just embarked on my 60th consecutive teaching term – and boy what a different one it is going to be for us all!

Summer 2020 Week 1 Newsletter (PDF – 2mb)