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Summer 2018

5 July 2018

A Note from the Head of Monmouth School Boys’ Prep

It has been an incredible year, as ever, with high points and low points; however it is this very cyclical nature of the life of a school which makes it so interesting, varied and life affirming. When there has been sadness we have come together as a community. When there has been joy we have celebrated together. Everything else I wish to say will be in my speech at Prize Giving. For now, though, it only remains to wish our amazing Prep IV boys a very happy and successful time at their senior schools, whether they are popping across the river or relocating across several continents you are and will always be a part of the boys’ prep. I would like to thank all of our families for your support throughout the year and wish you a very happy and restful summer.

Download the 5 July Newsletter Here (PDF 1MB)