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Michaelmas 2018

7 September 2018

A note from the Head of Monmouth Schools Boys’ Prep

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of the new boys and their families who have joined the school community this week. After the initial shock of being woken by an alarm clock once again, it is always fun to welcome the smartly turned-out boys into school every morning. I will be departing on the French trip with the Year 6s in the small hours of Sunday morning, so apologies that I will not be at my post on the front gate next week, but I look  forward to seeing you all again on our return. A reminder to those attending the French trip that we depart at 3.45am on Sunday morning (i.e. middle of Saturday night) and we return at 2.00am on the following Saturday morning (i.e. middle of Friday night). Please don’t get the days wrong!

Download 7 September Newsletter Here (PDF 862Kb)