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Michaelmas 2018

28 September 2018

A Note from the Head of Monmouth School for Boys Prep

As you will no doubt be aware from the news it is conference season at the moment and it is not just for politicians but for prep school heads as well. At the time of writing I am at the annual IAPS conference which this year has been held at a well known conference (and golf) resort just down the road from Monmouth. The theme of the conference is “Tomorrow’s World; Global Citizens” and I have enjoyed a few inspirational lectures and informative seminars, notably on the subject of the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development as well as the importance of education in tackling both the opportunities and the threats of the AI revolution. I know that Mr Walton would have particularly enjoyed the after dinner speaker Rainer Hersch, the orchestra conductor turned stand-up comedian who inspired us all with his analogy comparing the role of a school head with that of conducting a full orchestra.

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