8 September 2017

A Note from the Head of Monmouth School Boys’ Prep School

Welcome back to the beginning of a new term and a whole new academic year. It was lovely to see the boys arriving at school yesterday morning looking so smart and fresh. We have welcomed a lovely group of boys into Prep I and we are particularly pleased to have boys joining the school in Prep II, Prep III and Prep IV as well. We also have 3 boys boarding at Chapel House this year which is the beginning of a thriving boarding community at the prep school. I know that you will all make the new boys and their families feel extremely welcome. We have a new school name and a lovely new sign outside the front door. Monmouth School Boys’ Prep is a bit of a mouthful so we are going to use “MBP” for short! I am particularly pleased to announce considerable investment in brand new furniture for the library which has created a bright, warm and comfortable space for the boys to use in their library lessons and late-stay club. If I haven’t yet had the opportunity to greet you after the holiday I look forward to seeing you soon, but I am attending the Prep IV residential trip to France all of next week so apologies in advance but I will not be visible at drop-off in the mornings.

Boys’ Prep Newsletter Michaelmas 2017 – Week 1 (PDF – 482)