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Lent 2020

10 January 2020

A Note from the Head of Monmouth School Boys’ Prep

Happy New Year to you all! Following on from the school’s proposal to adopt “Meat-free Monday lunches”, you may not be surprised to discover that we have had significant and heartfelt feedback from parents who are passionate about both sides of the debate around sustainability, healthy eating, choice, vegetarianism, veganism, livestock farming, locally sourced products, reducing carbon footprints and reducing ‘food miles’. As this concept originated from the pupil perspective we would very much like to take this as an educational opportunity for pupils to engage fully in this debate and to gain an understanding of all the issues from all sides. Parents who have views, who work in the food production industry or have made significant lifestyle choices and feel they could be part of informing this discussion by coming into school to engage in lessons, assemblies or after-school clubs would be most welcome to do so. Please get in touch if you feel that this is something which you would like to be a part of. I look forward to hearing from you.

Download the 10 January Newsletter Here (PDF 695Kb)