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Muddy Maths at Magor Marsh

June 18th, 2014

PII had a fun filled day of maths at Magor Marsh.  It was an extremely wet day and the trip lived up to the name ‘Muddy Maths’.

The boys enjoyed a range of activities which enabled them to use their maths skills in the natural environment.

Activities included finding a range of angles in nature and sorting them into acute, obtuse and right-angles.  At the Forest School they learnt how to “measure” the age of trees; they found the oldest to be over one hundred years old and the youngest tree was only two.  They had the exciting challenge of searching for mathematical clues dotted across the marsh.  Only once they had accurately made all the calculations could they attempt to crack the code!  The boys also enjoyed pond dipping.  Ollie said that, “It was exciting to swish a net about in the water, wondering what you might find.”  The boys were fascinated with their findings, including water lice, leeches, pond snails and even a ram’s horn! This information was then used to produce graphs.

In the words of the boys, Muddy Maths at Magor March is a fantastic trip!

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