Head Boys swimathon for Young Minds

Sat, 8 Dec 2018

On Thursday, almost all of the boys in the school took part in the Head Boys’ Charity Swimathon. The boys showed great stamina and determination in their efforts to raise as much money as possible for Young Minds. Year 3 kicked off the event, swimming a collective 737 lengths on 30 minutes. Year 4 followed with 1550 lengths in 45 minutes. Next was the turn of Year 5, who swam a total of 1502 lengths in 50 minutes. Year 6 had a smashing swim, managing to swim 2748 lengths altogether in an hour. This gave the school a combined total of 6537 lengths, or 163,425 metres; an astounding average of 50 lengths per boy. Thank you for all of your generous support – through sponsorship we look set to raise over £4000. We are all incredibly grateful.