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Dylan to take to the stage in Tosca

November 24th, 2017

A Monmouth choirboy has won a place in the Welsh National Opera’s production of Tosca.

Dylan, who lives in Osbaston, sang a beautiful rendition of Afton Water for his audition in Cardiff.

The Monmouth School Boys’ Prep pupil had been put forward by Music teacher, Mr Walton.

Dylan auditioned with 21 other hopefuls.

He was among the 11 chosen in the children’s ensemble for the operatic production.

Mr Shaw, Headteacher at Monmouth Schools Boys’ Prep, said: “We are incredibly proud of Dylan, who is in Prep IV.

“This is an amazing achievement with Dylan being selected as one of a small number of children from across Wales.

“We look forward to seeing him on stage in the bright lights.”

Dylan has aspirations to be an arts and music teacher when he’s older and has drawn inspiration from his German grandmother, who performs in a choir.

He is a music monitor at school, helping to set up for rehearsals and sometimes handing out Penguin chocolate bars and squash to his peers at the end of the sessions.

“I like legato – very soft and flowing music and it took me about five weeks to learn the words of Afton Water for my audition,” said Dylan.

“It took me another five weeks to perfect it. I was the last person out of the 22 hopefuls to have my audition. However, it was worth the wait and I felt it went well.”

The 10-year-old will be rehearsing with the Welsh National Opera in January and February for Tosca ahead of five performances at the Wales Millennium Centre.

He will then be touring for 11 dates in Birmingham, Southampton, Plymouth, Milton Keynes, Bristol and Llandudno.

Dylan added: “I like the high amount of music we do at school because we have at least two assemblies of music every week, three lessons of music, and choir every Thursday.

“I look up to Mr Walton who teaches us music. He is very good at singing and has helped me a lot with my music.”

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