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Dragon breathes life into pupil’s art career

June 2nd, 2015

Dragon breathes life into pupil's art career

A budding artist is considering a colourful career as a painter after making his first sale at 11-years-old.

Charlie, a pupil at The Grange, was thrilled when his watercolour dragon was snapped up before even arriving at the exhibition it was destined for.

The vibrant fire breather was bought by Laura Perrett, the new headmistress of Charlie’s old school, Cross Ash Primary, after his grandmother showed her a photo of it.

“It feels incredible, really – like a massive sense of achievement,” Charlie said.

“The dragon went for an amazing £35.

“I couldn’t imagine anything that I had produced going for more than maybe a fiver. I’m so pleased.

“I did want to be a vet when I grow up, but I will see how art goes for me because maybe, just maybe, there is a career to be made out of this – we shall see.”

Charlie’s dragon was painted during his Tuesday evening classes taught by Jantien Powell at Chapel Cottage Studios in Abergavenny.

It was still exhibited as planned as part of the Crickhowell Art Trail of Open Studios over the bank holiday weekend, before taking up residence with its proud owner.

Dragon breathes life into pupil's art career

Charlie added: “I really like the freedom in art – that nice feeling I get when I am given a blank piece of paper to draw or paint on.

“When I painted the dragon, I had just started to use something called Brusho, which is basically powdered watercolour.

“You sprinkle a bit onto your paper or canvas and then spray water on it and boom – an explosion of colour appears onto your sheet!

“The Grange has helped me to develop my artistic talents so much. I’m inspired by my teacher, Mr Huson, and the standard of material we get to use is fantastic.”

Click here for more information on Chapel House Open Studios.

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