At Monmouth School Boys’ Prep there is a long history of the expressive arts taking their place at the heart of what we do.  We believe that the ability to express one’s self effectively is central to success.

Like everything at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep, our musical life is lively and stimulating.  In the classroom the boys are offered a largely practical curriculum, which leads them to an appreciation of music and gives them experience of how it works through involvement in actual music-making.  The best way to learn about something is to do it!

Outside the classroom most boys in the school have individual lessons on a musical instrument and play or sing in an ensemble.  The advantages of this are not just musical; there are significant social benefits too and many boys enjoy these just as much as the music-making.  All pupils take part in a number of performances each year both in and out of School, and each year large numbers take Associated Board Music Examinations.

We hope you enjoy looking at our music pages, and we would like to suggest you also have a look at the music pages for Monmouth School for Boys, as most of our pupils at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep will ultimately be part of the rich musical life there too.