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Choir impresses at momentous London concert

March 13th, 2017

A talented ensemble of boys shone during their innovative performance as part of a momentous concert in St John’s Smith Square, London.

Singers at The Grange, who are taught using the progressive Kodály method, showcased the results of their hard work at an event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian composer’s death.

Zoltan Kodály, who was also a passionate teacher, set up a revolutionary systematic approach to music education where learning comes first through playful singing activity and later through conscious thought processes, through the use of handsigns and singing names (do re mi etc).

Put on by the British Kodály Academy, the concert on March 6 featured seven school choirs and demonstrated how successful his techniques really are.

The 38 Grange boys thoroughly impressed the audience, and their music teacher, Joe Walton, was delighted to receive a letter of thanks from Margaret Oliver, the charity’s Chair of Trustees.

She wrote: “Words seem an inadequate way of conveying to you the pleasure and gratitude of the Trustees, for your wonderful contribution to the Kodály Celebration Concert.

“Your choir sang beautifully – Suo Gân was a delightful choice: I loved the way the boys processed in singing – and both the Coombes and Chilcott pieces came over so well.

“It was an amazing evening and it was very moving to see and hear a gathering of children of such mixed ages, from different educational backgrounds, joining together to make music of such high quality – reinforcing and demonstrating our belief in the value of singing.

“We hope that they were all inspired by being the song makers, and that their experience will remain with them into the future and for the rest of their lives.”

The Kodály Approach provides tools to develop fundamentals such as pulse, inner hearing, good tuning and sight reading ability.

Mr Walton added: “The boys sang beautifully at the concert – it was a very proud moment.”

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