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Budding scientists roar into national semi-finals

December 4th, 2018
Aston, Hugh, Cameron (captain) and Oscar.

A team of budding scientists from Monmouth have won through to the semi-finals of a national quiz competition.

The team from Monmouth School Boys’ Prep will travel to Bristol on Wednesday 5th December after winning their area heat in the National Inter-School Science Quiz Championship.

Captain Cameron, aged 10, joined forces with Hugh, 10, Oscar Searle, 9, and Aston, 9, for an impressive first-round triumph on Friday 30th November.

The winning team from each semi-final will automatically seal a place at the national finals, and the highest scoring four non-winning teams will also be offered places.

Cameron and Hugh were part of Monmouth’s team last year which finished runners-up in the national final.

A team from Monmouth School Girls’ Prep finished runners-up, while Cheltenham College Prep School were third, in last week’s Quiz Club area heat in the Hitchcock Pavilion at Monmouth School for Boys.

The national final for the Year 5 and 6 science competition will be held in the spring.

The top three teams from the area heat in Monmouth were: 1 Monmouth School Boys’ Prep: 1,930 points; 2 Monmouth School Girls’ Prep: 1,310; 3 Cheltenham College Prep School: 1,295.

Monmouth School Girls’ Prep were runners-up.
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