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Budding salesmen get fruity with French

June 8th, 2015

Budding entrepreneurs brought a taste of France to their playground in Monmouth this week.

Members of the school council at The Grange drew upon their language, maths and selling skills to run their own fruit stall at break time.

The 10 boys, aged between seven and 11-years-old, ran the stall completely in French and sourced their stock from nearby supermarket, Lidl.

All of the profits will be donated to children’s cancer charity LATCH, chosen by this year’s Head Boy, William, 11.

He said: “It’s actually been quite an exciting experience – going to Lidl in school time.

“I started off in Prep I not knowing much French, and now I’ve learnt a lot.

“People will remember this not just as a French lesson, but actually buying and selling will help with remembering the language.”

And Theo, 11, said: “We’ve been planning what we’re going to sell and how much it costs to buy, so we can work out how much profit we’ll make.

“We’re also learning lots more French.”

The boys charged 30p per portion of fruit, and will run the stall on break times each Wednesday and Friday this term.

Teacher Kate Kirman, who runs the school council, said: “This teaches the boys lots.

“They do all of the maths – it’s brilliant for that – and they just love running a little business and their own enterprise.”

And French teacher Laetitia Le Moal added: “This is a nice thing to do in summer and teaches the boys in a different context.

“They are working as a team, using lots of different skills and learning grammatical structure.

“I thought if we do this for a few weeks, it will stick in their minds.

“Quite a lot of them go to France in the summer and if they go to the market they can show their parents what they can do in French.”


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