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Boys crowned national quiz champions

June 29th, 2018

Children from a Monmouth school have been crowned the national quiz champions for the first time.

Srinivas, Cameron, Reuben and William triumphed in the Quiz Club National Inter-School General Knowledge Quiz Championship.

Eleven-year-old Srinivas captained the team whose hard work paid off with an historic victory which put Monmouth School Boys’ Prep firmly on the national map.

The Monmouth boys had progressed through the area heats and won the national semi-final at Paragon School in Bath to reach the final at the Tower of London on Wednesday 27th June.

Srinivas said: “It’s the first time the school has won the trophy. We did a lot of work together and practised hard. To come away with the trophy was remarkable.”

The boys thanked Mr Kevin Shepherd, who teaches Games, PE, History and RE, for his support and help throughout the competition.

Cameron, aged nine, said: “Mr Shepherd helped us with quizzes and organised our team.

“He was very happy after we had won. He came along with us to London and told us that we had done amazingly well.”

Momentous events in history, geographical landmarks, art, music, literature, science, sport, cultures from around the world, current affairs and world knowledge all featured in the rounds.

Cameron added: “We were trailing by around 220 points half-way through and ended up winning the final by 110 points, so it was a good comeback, a memorable day and a big moment in the school’s history.”

Earlier this year, Srinivas and Cameron were part of the Monmouth School Boys’ Prep team which finished runners-up in the Quiz Club National Inter-School Science Quiz Championship.

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