We believe that boys should be given opportunities to develop an awareness of the past so that they can best understand the present. They learn about important developments in history and learn about historical figures both in Britain and in the wider world.

The emphasis is primarily on social history so that the boys can compare and contrast life today with that in the past. History enables the boys to develop written skills and fosters debate and questioning.

History is taught according to the philosophy of the school and seeks to contribute to the overall education of each pupil.

Through the teaching of History, we aim to:

  • Promote a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past
  • Develop a sense of chronology
  • Promote the understanding of historical concepts
  • Give an insight into how people lived in the past
  • Develop boys’ written and oral communication
  • Recognise and evaluate difference interpretations of history

The History programme is based chronologically and is broadly concerned with social history issues. Historical skills that are acquired in the early part of the programme are continually used throughout the History curriculum.

Monmouth School Boys' Prep History