All pupils have two Geography lessons a week and study a different topic each term, covering a wide range of areas.

The scheme of work is written to ensure that each lesson is varied and stimulating, encompassing a broad range of skills.  Human Geography is alternated with Physical Geography, facts mixed with enquiry and written work complemented by practical activities.

Each year group has at least one field trip in the year and there are other practical exercises throughout the terms.

Geography starts at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep with a walk up The Kymin to get an appreciation of Monmouth’s location in relation to its immediate environment and a visit Monmouth town centre to discuss its landmarks.

In Prep II the boys visit an organic working farm (Pen-y-Lan Farm) and later in the year work in teams to design a settlement and watch it evolve.

Prep III visit the Water Treatment Plant at Cilfynydd and carry out a water survey at home.  The Lent term is an introduction to producing their first research project, on a river of their choice.

Prep IV study Mountain Environments and then, in the Lent term study the development of countries using a range of different indicators.   In the Summer term the boys develop their map skills further.