Grange Advanced Skills Team (GAST)

Monmouth School Boys' Prep GASTIn addition to the normal differentiation that takes place throughout the classes for our most able pupils, an Advanced Skills Team is selected each year from our most academically talented pupils in Prep IV.  The aim of this project is to use and further extend the boys’ skills as well as broaden their experiences.  They work in a team, under the supervision of a project coordinator, to complete a challenge or series of tasks in their free time.

Advanced Skills Club
The Advanced Skills were given an assignment by Mrs Kirman to create an animation on Scratch programming software. This animation was going to be entered into a national competition run by the University of Manchester. The boys involved completed three different entries. One group did an animation of them doing the animation. Another group looked at World War II battles and the third group looked at tank battles of World War II. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the task and a Oliver commented that, ‘It was great fun and we learnt a lot which I know I shall use in the future.” This year’s team will be using programming software to create maths games to support PI’s Big Maths Skills.