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William Jones Society opens its year with lively debate

September 19th, 2016

wj-societyOn the afternoon of Friday 16th September, the William Jones Society gathered for its fortnightly meeting, and the inaugural debate for members of 6.1. The meeting was chaired by Beth, and the topic, on gun control in the United States and across the world, was introduced by Katie. This was the first meeting during which we experimented with a new format for the society.

Katie having introduced the topic, the members split into groups of two or three and discussed for five minutes, the positives, negatives, and alternatives to gun law. After these five minutes, one member of the group fed back to the society, and a variety of opinions, whilst all generally opposed to loosening gun laws, were proposed. The discussion then returned to the original format for debate, with each member allowed to interject with their own, individual ideas. Which introduced a much wider gamut of ideas, with a few people even suggesting that looser gun laws might be a viable option. As always the society proved an eye-opening, thought-provoking experience, which is always worth attending.

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