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‘We were incredibly impressed by everything we saw and heard at Monmouth’ – Tatler’s verdict

October 2nd, 2017

Parents searching for their dream school should look no further than Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.

Tatler magazine’s highly regarded Schools Guide delivers a glowing verdict on Monmouth School for Boys in its latest edition.

In the feature on Monmouth, the magazine examines the characteristics that parents consider when selecting the dream school for their children.

And the Tatler Schools Guide 2018 says: ‘This school exists and we’ve found it. Or rather, them – Monmouth School and its sister, girls’ school Habs’ Monmouth.

‘We were incredibly impressed by everything we saw and heard at Monmouth.’

Featured on page 50, the school’s solid academic results are recognised along with the strong pastoral care.

The magazine says Monmouth offers ‘all the bells and whistles of modern school life’ with ‘’fees that feel positively good value.’

The feature highlights the school’s sports team, ‘music and drama on tap’, and ‘single-sex teaching, with plenty of co-ed interaction to equip them for the real world.’

The scout, who visited the school, also discovered ‘engaging, confident pupils with their feet on the ground and an awareness of life outside their privileged bubble.’

The article finishes with a question from headmaster, Dr Andrew Daniel, who asks whether Monmouth School for Boys is the best-kept secret in education.

The author concludes: ‘Well, Dr Daniel, maybe it is, but we’re doing our best to change that.’


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