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Schools’ String Orchestras at The Blake

April 29th, 2016

stringsThis Wednesday saw a coming together of the talents of the Monmouth School and HMSG string players for the annual String Orchestras concert in the Blake Theatre.

Performances came from 6 different ensembles representing Monmouth School, HMSG, Gilbert Inglefield and The Grange and the eclectic mix of music gave for an entertaining evening of skillful playing. From the Senior Strings performance of ‘Plink, Plank, Plunk’ (Leroy Anderson) via Gershwin and Handel all the way back up to date with the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean performed by the Bach Orchestra, this was an evening with something for everyone.

Congratulations to all of the performers as well as a big thank to everyone who helps to make these concerts possible particularly the String tutors from all four schools.

Leaving String Players
Leaving String players readying themselves before their final performance.
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