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Russia Welcomes Monmouth

February 20th, 2017

A group of Sixth Formers from Monmouth School and HMSG had the fantastic opportunity of a trip to Russia this February half term.

The group travelled to St Petersburg, and enjoyed a packed itinerary over five days.  The group explored areas of the city connected with Peter the Great, the Tsars and the Romanov family and the history of the 1917 revolution – including Finland station, Lenin’s office and the Pravda print rooms and the Winter Palace.  They also visited the Dostoevsky museum house, as well as the area of town which featured in many of his famous masterpieces. A highlight was a visit to a local school, where sixth form Russian students discussed aspects of school life with our group and invited them to join in some lessons.

The weather was cold and snowy, the rivers and canals were frozen and so students had to get used to dressing warmly! This was a unique experience for the students, who showed great enthusiasm and took every opportunity to learn about the life of the city.

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