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Pupils’ new discount card boosts local shopping

December 22nd, 2015

A group of budding entrepreneurs has devised a plan to unite Monmouth’s independent businesses and save shoppers money.

The team of 14 Monmouth School pupils has created Blue Resolution, a discount card which offers 10 per cent off at a selection of shops throughout the town.

Set up as part of Young Enterprise – the UK’s leading charity empowering teenagers to harness their personal and business skills – the determined boys have already signed 12 shops up to their scheme.

Two of the pupils, Dan, 16, and Calum, 17, say that successfully pitching the idea to businesses and shoppers alike has filled the team with self-confidence and passion for their growing company.

“This is our own little creation so it means a lot to us,” Dan said.

“We wanted to launch a product that is not just good for us, but it’s a service as well, designed to help all parties involved.

“A 10 per cent discount can make quite a difference – especially in jewellery shops.”

The card, which costs £10 for adults and £5 for under 18s, is currently valid in a variety of independent shops including Mono ladies boutique, the Pocket Bakery, MonTeas, Shirtbox, Car Care and Gemwaith RT Jewellery.

“We speak to shop owners about joining our scheme and explain how it will attract extra customers, benefit them and business in town,” Dan added.

“They’ve all been really supportive.

“MonTeas helped us improve our contract, and then signed up. It has taught us how specific you have to be in business and selling to people.”

Members of the team have been assigned to different roles within Blue Resolution, including management, finance, IT and human resources and sales and marketing.

Calum said: “You have to be really driven – we’ve all done a lot outside our school work.

“We’re thinking about it all the time, and always coming up with ways we can improve the business.

“Running it is inspiring us to look at other projects, like joining with the girls’ school and running a Valentine’s Day service to send love hearts between the schools.

“Pitching is exciting. It feels good that adults trust us and believe in the scheme.”

The boys began work on the business in September, and have so far sold nearly 50 cards to shoppers in town.

Dan continued: “People show quite a lot of belief in our idea and that makes us feel confident about what we’re doing.

“You bounce off it and want to do more.

“We’re trying to get takeaways and restaurants on board now too.”

As well as manning stalls at events like the Monmouth School Christmas Fair, the team has been drumming up interest in town with a stand outside the Shire Hall.

Calum said: “When you step back from it and think we’re only 16 and think we’re actually doing this, it gives you a lot of self-confidence.”

For more information, and the full list of participating shops, visit the boys’ website or search for Blue Resolution Monmouth on Facebook.

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