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National Shooting Trophy for Monmouth Cadets

January 9th, 2017

shooting-medalsWe are delighted to report that an eight strong team of Monmouth School cadets have won a National Shooting Trophy.

The Staniforth Competition is open to cadet units throughout the UK. Initially each member of the team fires one target with a highest possible score of 100, giving the team an overall highest possible score of 800. Once the teams have fired these initial targets the top 10 teams in the country are invited to shoot in the final.

Our team came third in the qualifying round with a score of 772 / 800 (with Staff Sergeant Tom scoring a maximum 100).

In the final the team bettered this. achieving a score of 785 / 800 beating Dollar Academy from Scotland by 1 point.

This was a fantastic result, particularly because Dollar are a renowned shooting school who had two teams in the top 10 shoot off. Well done to all involved, in many thanks to Mr Lindon for organising this fantastic opportunity for the boys.

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