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Monmouth on top in swimming gala

October 6th, 2016

swimming-teambLast Thursday saw Monmouth School compete in its first swimming gala of the academic year alongside, facing off with what was a strong Malvern College side. Away from home, Monmouth’s middle and upper years competed with great sportsmanship. The gala commenced with the Medley and Freestyle relays, seeing solid performances from Dominic and Hugo which resulted in dual wins for the senior team in both races.

After gaining the upper hand, Monmouth progressed to the individual events, the gala soon proving to be an occasion of extreme attrition. Malvern earned some hard-fought wins in the early stages, bringing the scores on level terms. Nevertheless, combined with those of HMSG, excellent performances in the Backstroke category from Ben and Hugo and admirable shows from Will and Leonard in the Breaststroke class reflected the undue efforts of the boys, not to mention a phenomenal debut form Izumi who came 1st in his individual Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle races.

The gala came to an end with both sides speculative of who the definitive winner was, but, ultimately, the hard-earned outings of Monmouth and HMSG rewarded the teams, coming out on top with 235 points to Malvern College’s 204. The school will now look forward to its next gala, as Monmouth hosts Bristol Grammar School in what will undoubtedly be an entertaining competition.

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