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Marines put CCF through their paces

February 29th, 2016

Adventurous cadets were given hands-on experience of what life is like in the Royal Navy this week.

Sixth formers belonging to the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools’ CCF took part in a range of exciting activities set up by The Royal Marines on Wednesday.

The officers brought specialist equipment and a wealth of knowledge to Monmouth School as part of their outreach programme.
Major Ian Lawrence, chemistry teacher and CCF Contingent Commander, said: “The marines set up some brilliant activities which our boys and girls really enjoyed.

“As our CCF had recently been crowned National Climbing Champions, we wanted to further develop our technique.

“And as the Royal Marines have considerable expertise in scaling cliffs, we thought they would be the right people to assist us.

“They certainly did not disappoint.

“They brought their own climbing tower with them and the marines provided some brilliant tuition.

“Having the River Wye so close meant that the cadets could also experience the exhilaration of speeding up the river in some inflatable landing craft.”

Of course, it would not have been a Royal Marine visit if they did not test the CCF’s fitness, and their physical training instructors put the cadets through their paces in a gruelling, but fun, PT session.

Major Lawrence added: “It was a unique opportunity to train with an elite fighting force and for the cadets to be able to ask questions about the role of the Royal Marines.

“Judging by the smiles on the cadets’ faces at the end of the afternoon, I am certain that they really enjoyed it. I suspect the cadets slept well that night!”

Sergeant Justin Rich, who leads the recruiting troupe, said: “The pupils were really interested and enthusiastic.

“If they are young, motivated and want a challenge, being in the Navy is a fantastic job and they get to see the world.

“Schools like this love what we do, they’re always keen and ask really good questions.”


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