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Long-serving guitar teacher retires after 37 years

May 26th, 2021
Mr Philip Wentworth (right) with Director of Music at Monmouth School for Boys, Mr David Lawson

A long-serving guitar teacher at Monmouth School for Boys has retired after 37 years.

Mr Philip Wentworth has been associated with the school for 55 years.

He was a pupil at Monmouth School for Boys from 1966 to 1973 and studied Music at A level.

The Old Monmothian started teaching at school in 1983 when Music was based in one end of what is now the Blake Theatre and the Director of Music was Mr Mike Eveleigh, who had been appointed on demobilisation from the war.

Mr Wentworth’s three-times successor, Mr David Lawson, said: “Phil has maintained the longest connection with the music of the school of anyone we know.

“We thank him and wish him well in the next stage of music-making.”

Mr Wentworth will still be involved in the music of several churches in the Forest of Dean.

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