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HEAD ON… Revising your way

May 20th, 2016

Andrew Daniel Head On - Revising your wayAs the author Napoleon Hill once said, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” With GCSE and A level examinations just around the corner, boys at Monmouth School have these inspirational words in mind, spurring them on to succeed.

Feeling pressure to attain excellent results is inevitable for our hard working pupils, but staff have done their utmost to ensure studying is as painless as possible.

Every boy learns differently, and so we have devised revision packs to help each of them plan a timetable and style to help them accomplish their full potential.

Written by our Director of Studies, Dr Tony Winter, these extensive guides have been uploaded to the Monmouth School website for parents and pupils to refer to whenever they like.

Over the years we have seen much evidence to support the theory that people adopt many different intelligences – our ability to understand the world around us is complex.

Dr Winter’s revision packs firstly encourage exam candidates to take an online test to determine how they learn best. Once pupils realise what special intelligences they have, whether that be kinaesthetic, logical, musical, linguistic or visual, they can proceed with confidence, knowing every hour spent revising is of the highest quality.

For GCSE candidates, who are about to embark on their first set of future-changing exams, making this discovery now could make all the difference to their lives, academically and beyond.

In the Easter holidays, we asked boys to aim for around five hours of revision a day.

It’s vital they make time for exercise and fun in between 45-minute bursts of work, but their main priority should be to remain disciplined and stick to what they plan to do.

Rewarding little treats should be on hand for every target or goal achieved throughout the study period.

The pack also includes Dr Winter’s top 10 brain boosters, and top 10 brain drainers to keep the pupils on track and motivated.

Last year, the A level cohort achieved Monmouth’s second highest percentage of A* grades with 22.3% of all exams being awarded the coveted A* grade.

At GCSE level, 30% of boys achieved 10 or more A* to A grades and there were 14 boys, in the class of 89, with eight or more A* grades.

*The Schools have an established bus route covering the Thornbury area.

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