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Half Term skiers take to the slopes!

February 22nd, 2016

Here’s a news story for all of us who stayed at home during half term, to be envious about, as Mr Vickers gives us a quick rundown of the half-term holiday ski-trip!

Fancy dress on the ski slopes!‘As we left a wet and windy Monmouth, the group were all smiles and happiness, for at least the first two hours. Subsequently, the prospect of another 22 hours on the coach dawned upon us and we settled down to a few films and lots of chatter. A smooth channel crossing and clear roads through France saw us arrive in Les Deux Alpes in time for a hearty lunch on Saturday, before enduring the agony of the dreaded ski fit! Fully three hours later we emerged kitted up and ready to hits the slopes first thing on Sunday morning.

Waking to fresh snow falling was exciting, especially for the beginners, and as the day progressed the weather cleared to leave us with beautiful blue skies and feather like powder, perfect for everyone.  Indeed, the weather was kind to us all week and the perfect location of the hotel in the centre of the village, ensured that time was available after skiing for the shoppers to spend their euros on the latest skiing accessories, while others tasted the local crepes and ice creams.

Every evening following dinner, the presentation of the “wipe out award” and the “Wally of the day” t-shirt caused much hilarity and, as usual, they became prized possessions by the end of the week.

Rapid progress was made by the beginners who really benefitted from their trip to the snow dome in January and it was not long before all skiers were enjoying the thrill of sweeping down the mountain from top to bottom on the numerous blue and red runs.   The ESF instructors were full of praise for the effort that the boys and girls put in to their lessons and the week concluded with no serious injuries for the first time in years. The most significant damage of the week was to the reputations of certain pupils, during the dress up for skiing day on the Friday as can be seen on the photograph!

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