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Creative Milo earns top prize in library competition

March 17th, 2020

A talented artist has scooped the top prize in a library competition at Monmouth School for Boys.

Milo, aged 12, triumphed after using his creativity to design an eye-catching book cover.

As part of a wider library display highlighting the art of visual storytelling, students were invited to create either a graphic story cartoon or to design their own book cover.

Ms Saffron Williams, Librarian at Monmouth School for Boys, said: “Milo, from Year 8, was picked as the winner after putting a great deal of thought and detail into designing his book covers.

“He used his imagination and creativity to design covers for books not yet written, but which he would like to read.

“He enjoyed the process so much he actually submitted two entries for the competition.”

Ms Williams added: “The display has proved very popular with students of all ages.

“It encourages pupils to think about the power of book illustration and has inspired many to explore fiction and non-fiction with a visual element in addition to their usual reading choices.”

The design competition gave students a chance to explore their creativity and imagine how they would employ the art of visual storytelling in a fun and educational way.

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