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Creative boys raise money for mental health charity

November 30th, 2020
Alex, Jago and Winson with the face coverings.
A group of pupils at Monmouth School for Boys has spent weeks cutting out and sewing Christmas face coverings to raise money for a mental health charity.
Thirteen-year-old Alex, a former pupil at Cross Ash Primary School, has initiated the fund-raiser.
Alex, a student in Year 8, has been supported at home by his mum, Gillian, and by Ms Sheila Mone and Mrs Nuala O’Carroll at school in Monmouth.
The project, driven by Year 7 and 8 pupils, is taking place at Monmouth School for Boys to raise awareness of the Mind Monmouthshire charity and to help improve mental health among young people.
Ms Mone, an Art teacher and Houseparent, and a team of boys have spent lunchtimes and weekends at Chapel House making the fantastic masks by hand.
Alex said: “I wanted to run a charity event this term and my mum and I thought we could sell some facemasks to brighten everyone’s Christmas, particularly after lockdown during the summer.
“Mind Monmouthshire is a charity that helps with mental health issues and some people have been very anxious or concerned about the impact of Covid-19.
“Some mental health problems can also lead to other health issues which is why I am glad we are supporting Mind.”
Alex added: “I would like to thank Ms Mone, my family, friends and all the boys in Chapel House who have helped raise money by making the masks and selling them.”
The coverings are available from the school, costing £5 each, and more than £500 has already been raised for Mind Monmouthshire.
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